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I am a budding workaholic who really enjoys her work and learning something new, I believe i would be an asset to any team, my lack of experience means i am always open to new ideas and a different way of doing things.

I have experience in management, training and customer relations.

I joined Yayvo.com in November 2018 as an intern, started out just cancelling out of stock orders, within the week i was given the responsibility of front level customer interaction and resolution of complaints. Since then my responsibilites have steadily risen.

In February 2019 i was offered the opportunity of joining Yayvo.com as a permanent member of the team based on my performance as lead on PSL 2018 related complaints.

In November the same year was made incharge of gathering and sending our company wide NPS, i brought several improvements to the process including starting NPS on email and Bot. Before my time NPS was conducted 3 months after 0rder placement, i was responsible for streamlining the process and making sure NPS survey was conducted on a weekly basis.